Undavalli puts Jagan in dilemma

Undavalli Arun Kumar. He does not need any introduction. He is a voluntary advocate. He is an expert in filing litigations. Currently it appears that he is trying to put Jagan government in a dilemma. A new fire lit by Undavalli has become a trouble for YSRCP. After the announcement of election results, Undavalli Arun Kumar did not come before the media. He was busy writing a book. He reacted to Jagan’s three capital proposal but it was only for namesake.

However, now Undavalli Arun Kumar has landed the Jagan government in a dilemma. He raised the demand that high court bench be established in Rajahmundry. GN Rao Committee and Boston Committee have already suggested that the high court be established in Kurnool while its benches be set up in Visakhapatnam and Amaravati. Jagan is taking steps in this direction.

Undavalli Arum Kumar argues that since Visakhapatnam will be an executive capital, high court bench should come up in Rajahmundry. Undavalli has written a letter to AP chief minister in this regard. His letter is being discussed in YSRCP. East Goadavari district is a synonym for sentiment. Whichever party wins majority of the seats here comes to power in the state. Since this is also the district with highest number of Assembly seats, YSRCP leaders are re-considering the proposal in view of Undavalli Arun Kumar’s demand.

As Visakhapatnam is being developed as the executive capital, the proposal for setting up a high court in Rajahmundry is likely to be considered. There is an opinion in YSRCP that Undavalli Arun Kumar in his letter strongly highlighted the argument that injustice is being meted out to the two Godavari districts. It appears that Undavalli Arun Kumar’s arrow has precisely hit the YSRCP camp. It remains to be seen what decision the government takes on setting up the high court bench after discussing Undavalli’s letter.

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