Undavalli’s plain talk

Those who speak good may be blunt but they give few good suggestions. Political leader and former MP Undavalli Arun kumar comes under this category. He is a fan of YSR family. He showed his affection for Jagan many a times in the past by saying that if my friend’s son becomes CM, I will be one of the happiest persons. However, Undavalli Arun Kumar is known for speaking frankly on any issue. Going by some of his comments on Jagan government, it looks that it is somewhat going on the wrong track. The essence of his advise is that at least now Jagan should do the course correction.

All parties in AP have been opposing Jagan’s three capital concept. Since these parties did not support even the good decisions taken by Jagan, people have also stopped giving much importance to their opinions. YSRCP is the only party in AP which is for three capitals. In this context, the intellectuals are also expressing contradictory views. While all is happening on one side, the reaction of political intellectuals like Undavalli Arun Kumar has to be taken into consideration. He appears to have voiced his views on three capitals by rising above the emotions. He openly said that there should be no three capitals as this is not the right policy.

Undavalli Arun Kumar pointed out that nowhere in the country the state and secretariat are located at different places. The opposition parties too have been saying this. Intellectuals have long been saying that Assembly which makes laws and secretariat which implement these laws should be close to each other and this also helps in smooth administration. However, Jagan is dividing the two. Likes of Undavalli are clearly stating that if this is done it will not yield good results. He said that in some states high court has been set up separately but secretariat and assembly have not been built in different cities.

On the other hand Jagan is deleting many pensioners saying he will give pension to only those who are eligible. Jagan may be saying one thing but officials may be understanding it in another way but at the lowest level, large number of beneficiaries under welfare schemes are being removed. As a result of this huge resentment is brewing among poor. Especially there are strong sentiments against the ruling party in the rural areas. Undavalli also revealed this carefully. He pointed out that Chenna Reddy government, which had come to power in 1989, had resorted to large scale weeding out of ration cards had to face lot of resentment from public. Undavalli Arun Kumar showed the true picture to Jagan on issues like three capitals, governance and Polavaram. Now it remains to be seen if Jagan taken this into consideration and correct himself or move ahead aggressively. Either way, Jagan may face the troubles.

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