Unending slanging match in Andhra politics

y s jagan pawan kalyan

Principles have been set aside in Andhra Pradesh politics for few decades. Allegations and personal criticism have come to the fore. If somebody wants to tear into the leaders of major parties in AP, going into their past is enough. The stains keep reminding us about the allegations. If we take the case of Chief Minister Jagan, he has been dubbed as corrupt who ate lakhs of crores. His case is pending in the court. Whenever criticizing him, his political rivals use the case to corner him.

Those making such allegations will also have the baggage. YSRCP keeps trying to dig out their past to launch counter attack. They see Chandrababu as the symbol of backstab politics. What happened then was safeguarding democracy in Chandrababu’s view but NTR fans still say it was backstabbing. Jagan and others use the same as political weapon. Coming to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, he too personally has some stains. His three marriages, divorce. Opponents while criticizing him deliberately raise this to target him. One can grin over this but can’t do anything. Thus all the three leaders are facing same problem.

Jagan usually doesn’t give much importance to Pawan. It is believed that if he has to say something about Pawan, he makes his party leaders say the same. About a year ago during Padyatra, Jagan had made hot comments about Pawan. Jagan said he changes wives like cars. Pawan fans made a big hue and cry over this. Jagan, who was silent for six months after becoming the chief minister, has now launched a bitter attack on Pawan. Jagan’s remark of three marraiges, five children has hurt Pawan.

During long march and before that during press conferences, Pawan had made harsh attacks on Jagan. It is said that Jagan was angered by Pawan’s remarks that he roams around courts and involved in corruption of lakhs of crores and hence he launched a counter attack.

This is what happens in politics when there is no debate and discussion on policies. Leaders are throwing mud and exposing each other in public. This is what is happening in AP politics. People hope that all leaders desist from making personal comments and put a full-stop to the slanging match.

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