Upasana visits Dubai with Apollo family

Upasana Kamineni loves planning. She gives time for all for family, for profession and for activity. She knows importance of social media. She also knows understanding those who work with her. That’s why as a businesswoman she is racing ahead in her own way. Recently Upasana Kamineni along with 65 members of her family went to Dubai. She went to Dubai with all to prepare action plan for 2019-20. Family means Apollo Life employees.

To discuss Apollo Life’s 2019 action plan, Upasana Kamineni took 65 member of Apollo Life family to Dubai. Upasana believes that for those who always sit in office, if a change is brought in their working place, they will become mentally more active and they will come out with new ideas. That’s why she holds even seminars in buses and deserts. When we visit new places, meet people individually, discuss new ideas there is no doubt that such visits help in improving the professional performance.

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