Vengaveeti Radha is active again

Vangaveeti Radha is now in Telugu Desam Party. Till the other day, there were doubts if he was in TDP or not. However, with Jagan mooting three capital proposal, Vangaveeti Radha has once again become active. He believes that if the capital is shifted from Amaravati and kept only as a legislative capital, TDP can get back its grip on Vijayawada.

With Jagan’s three capital proposal, TDP leaders are becoming active again. The leaders who were staying away from party activities till recently are becoming active. In Vijayawada city, Vangaveeti Radha and Jaleel Khan quit YSRCP to join TDP. Now with the change in the capital both of them appear to have become active. Vangaveeti Radha participating in the hunger strike in solidarity with the capital farmers is a proof.

When Vangaveeti Radha joined TDP, he was promised MLC post. However, with the party not coming to power he has no hopes of becoming MLC. Moreover, now the legislative council itself is heading for abolition. As a result it looks that Vengaveeti Radha is preparing to contest the next elections. Vangaveeti Radha is a leader from Vijayawada Central. However, in this constituency TDP already has former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao. The question is whether Vangaveeti Radha will get the expected position in the TDP or not?

Initially Vangaveeti Radha thought of joining Jana Sena after resigning from TDP. After the elections, he also called on Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. However, after Pawan joined hands with the BJP he is learnt to have dropped the idea. Vangaveeti Radha is said to have decided to remain in TDP. He hopes that the issue of change of capital will help him. That’s why he expressed solidarity with the capital farmers. All in all, Vangaveeti Radha becoming active after a long time has become a hot topic in Vijayawada politics.

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