What is Centre’s game plan?

Jaganmohan Reddy Modi

One issue will decide what kind of relationship BJP at the Centre and YSRCP in AP have between them. Only pro-TDP media claimed in its reports that there is a discord between YSRCP and BJP but there is no evidence of this. Now Jagan has taken a key decision in the name of three state capitals. The Centre’s stand will be known now. However, the point here is that the Centre has not taken it seriously and in fact it is patient, agreeable and curious.

How many capitals should be there? How should be the capitals and where should they be located, all this, according to experts, come under the purview of the Constitution. No matter how many capitals are developed the burden of this has to be completely borne by state government. For this the Centre will not give even a penny. A state can decide the number of capitals on the basis of its financial capacity. The state only has to inform Centre that this is our main capital. The Centre will notify the same and include in the national map. This is what the constitutional experts say.

The chit-chat by political parties and their leaders will have no logic. From BJP leader Kanna Lakshimanarayana to new pujari Pawan Kalyan all are saying that the Centre will not be a mute spectator. TDP chief Chandrababu is demanding that the Centre should intervene. On the other hand, BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao is saying that this is an issue which comes under the state’s purview. Thus all are saying whatever they like to do politics. The Centre may intervene or may not intervene due to special situation in AP.

AP had not asked for bifurcation and moreover this is the only state divided without identifying the capital. Reorganisation Act says the Centre will extend assistance for the capital. The Centre has so far given Rs.2,500 crore for this. There are people who argue that in view of this the Centre may intervene. The argument on the other side is that the Centre may deliberately ignore the issue as it may have to pump in more money.

In fact the Centre has not provided large-scale funds to AP as per Reorganisation Act and now if it unnecessarily interferes YSRCP government may demand it to release the funds. That’s why the Centre is deliberately trying to escape. At the same time there are reports that the Centre is denying assistance to the state under other programmes to politically weaken YSRCP. All in all the Delhi circles are of the view that if the Centre has the grouse it can settle score but it is doing this in such a way that YSRCP government face political and economic problems.

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