What is Rahul’s game-plan?

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The Congress party is in a precarious situation. With Sonia Gandhi unwell and Rahul Gandhi not active, the question in everybody’s mind is how will the Congress face the elections in future. Pressure is mounting to bring back Rahul Gandhi as the party chief. It may be recalled that Rahul Gandhi had stepped down as the party chief, owning moral responsibility for the party’s defeat in the parliamentary elections.

Subsequently Sonia Gandhi took over as the acting president but she has not been actively participating in the party programmes. She is not coming out of 10 Janpath. She did not take part in the poll campaign in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana and Delhi. Rahul Gandhi too did not actively participated in the campaign. Sonia Gandhi entrusted to seniors the responsibility of finalizing the candidates and resolving differences between different groups.

West Bengal and Bihar elections are scheduled to be held soon. If West Bengal is kept aside, the situation is somewhat favourable to the Congress party in Bihar. If RJD and Congress together work hard, one can’t rule out their chances of victory. Analysts say Lalu Yadav being kept in jail, Citizenship Amendment Act and anti-incumbency can help Congress-RJD alliance to score the victory.

It is being said that Rahul Gandhi will have to be brought back if Congress party is to win minimum number of seats in West Bengal and to retain the party leaders and cadres, if not to win the polls. That’s why senior leaders are demanding that Rahul Gandhi should be brought back as the party president. As Sonia’s health is deteriorating due to additional responsibilities, seniors hope that Rahul will take over as the party chief and they are waiting for his return.

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