What will happen to Amaravati?


The State is debating the future of Amaravati, the new capital area selected by the previous Telugu Desam Party, destroying multi-crop fertile lands on the banks of river Krishna. This area was completely opposed for the capital by the Sri Krishna Committee, which studied the location of the new capital for the residuary state after bifurcation. This area was vehemently opposed by the environmentalists for it would be destroying the flood flow area of the river in violation of the existing river laws of the land. This area was intensely opposed by the people from the farm sector who depended on the agriculture produce that comes from this area all through the year. This area was passionately opposed by the urban experts for killing the food bowl of Vijayawada city.

But, the TDP went ahead in passion to replicate some of the cities around the world which are located on waterbeds. The farmers, as most of them are not cultivating these lands as they are settled away from the place and they are in the hands of the tenant farmers, have volunteered in giving the lands to the government for capital. There is also a part of the political loyalty towards TDP from among these farmers, besides the use of political and government power on the small and marginal farmers holding less than five acres of lands here to give that to the government in land pooling.

This location was opposed, or rather the use of force to acquire lands from farmers was opposed by the principal opposition, the YSR Congress, the Left parties and to some extent by Jana Sena, the then ally of the ruling TDP. But, the process went on and the government had collected over 35,000 acres of land from the farmers besides keeping another 25,000 acres of government land spread over the 29 capital villages.

The successive government of Jaganmohan Reddy had a different view on this project right from the beginning. The government had allowed all the projects in the capital to continue if they have completed 25 per cent or more and stopped all those which were not completed 25 per cent or not started yet. As if this is not enough, the government’s budgetary allocations for Amaravati indicate this government’s approach towards the capital. It is for this reason, the farmers who have given their lands for the capital, the people who have invested in the capital, and those who have purchased huge extent of lands in the capital thinking it would be the seat of power for the government are now in big trouble. It is to be seen what step that the new government would take on this project.

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