Who will benefit from alliance?

BJP appears to have long-term benefits in mind while joining hands with Pawan Kalyan. BJP, which scored unpredictable victories in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka through social re-alignment, believes that it has chances of replicating it in Andhra Pradesh. BJP leadership expects that Pawan Kalyan can be used to achieve this goal. BJP’s plan A is to emerge on its own while the plan B is to expand with the help of allies. Under plan B of this two-pronged strategy, BJP is confident that Pawan can play a key role in future.

Key castes in Telugu states are with the major parties. The money and muscle power of these castes can’t be underestimated. Despite being strong in terms of population, Pawan Kalyan’s community lags in political power and finances. It is because of the dissatisfaction in that community that the movement by Mudragada Padmanabham garnered huge support. However, the community lacks stable leadership which can lead it towards political power. As a result it is managing with temporary arrangements. The community leaders served as ministers in both TDP and YSRCP governments and they continue to hold key posts but they are not seen as true leaders of the community. To fill this gap, BJP made Kanna Lakshminarayana the state president. Since Jana Sena was still active in the field, BJP could not strengthen itself. Now that the two parties have joined hands, it is being expected that the situation will be conducive for expansion of BJP. If the community which accounts for 16 per cent of the state’s population accepts this alliance, its political importance will grow. Subsequently the BJP hopes to woo other sections which have are not considered politically strong. BJP-Jana Sena alliance can get public support if it succeeds in creating confidence that it is a key competitor in the race for political power. BJP believes that Pawan’s entry is a positive indication towards this effect.

Narendra Modi is the biggest campaigner for BJP in north India. Bollywood is also friendly to him. In South India, he tried to woo Rajinikanth but did not succeed. Rajini is trying to set up his own party. In this context, the BJP is confident that Pawan has the capability to attract people in both the Telugu states and also Telugu people in Karnataka, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. They believe that Pawan Kalyan can become star campaigner for the party in South India. They hope that in the next general election Pawan will be a key weapon in their armory. BJP is making clever moves in this direction. They are not saying that Pawan will emerge as the main rival to Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu. They are merely saying that their alliance will be an alternative to the two parties. They are not projecting Pawan as the chief minister candidate. Pawan too did not make this demand before joining hands with the BJP.

Social service is integral to politics but the ultimate goal is power. The visible feature of politics is to influence people through their policies and ideologies to build a society of their expectation. The main weakness in Pawan is that he can’t declare himself as the chief minister candidate. If this announcement is made it will be known who is the main party in the alliance. All leaders in BJP are welcoming Pawan’s entry. They are saying that this development will definitely help in strengthening the party. In Bihar it is clearly said that BJP and JDU will contest the elections under the leadership of Nitish Kumar but there is no such clarity in Andhra Pradesh. Analysts say that the BJP is keeping this issue in pending as it wants to play big brother in the alliance.

BJP has good links with Bollywood but it has no such links with south film industries Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Shandilwood. It has got an opportunity in the form of Pawan. Pawan can be used to gradually expand this. BJP leadership sees the power star as a blessing in disguise in a state where they don’t have big stakes. However, they also have the fear that Pawan may take sensational decisions. That’s why from beginning of talks to the announcement of alliance, they took every care to ensure that their top leaders Modi and Amit Shah are not seen publicly. Modi and Amit Shah did not directly meet Pawan. They are the biggest leaders for the party and the central government. An impression was given that BJP as a party has joined hands with Jana Sena and it has nothing to do officially with the central government. The purpose of forming the alliance can be served only if the BJP properly highlights the wrongs of the previous TDP government and the failures of YSRCP government through Pawan. Pawan is already considered as a part time politician. If he changes himself by taking inspiration from Modi and Amit Shah who always live among people then only people will recognize Jana Sena-BJP alliance.

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