Why Chandrababu wants handshake with BJP?

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Even one-sided love help men win over women. Whether the woman says yes or no, the man goes on chanting love mantra. Finally the woman agrees. Currently Andhra Pradesh is witnessing such romantic story. Chandrababu appears like Krishna who is doing everything possible to woo BJP.

Every time senior BJP leaders like Ram Madhav visiting Andhra Pradesh, they are stating that their party’s doors are closed but cycle is no mood to stop and is roaming around the lotus. Elections are already over and results have also come. From the very next moment, Babu decided to join hands with saffron party. The reason for this is his sworn enemy Jagan is in power in AP. In Telangana his disciple-turned-guru KCR is the chief minister. At the Centre, Modi once again became the prime minister though Babu had been attacking him day in and day out. He sowed the seeds of love at that time and today it has grown into a love letter in his hand.

Chandrababu sought BJP’s support for his fast on sand shortage in AP. In fact Chandrababu does not need anybody’s support. He has undertaken hundreds and thousands of such fasts. One can understand when a newcomer like Pawan Kalyan telephoned all parties to seek their support. Why does Chandrababu, who created history by undertaking ‘dharma porata’ against Modi in Delhi, needs BJP’s support. Why is he desperate to get support of BJP which polled less votes than ‘Nota’. Here the issue is crystal clear. Support is a gimmick. It is an excuse. Chandrababu is a chanakya, who wants to know the heart of BJP. Once the BJP agrees, Chandrababu will once again board the plane to Delhi. TDP friendly media is even claiming that shake hand with lotus has been done. Even if the BJP says no today, it may work out tomorrow because Chandrababu has given the love letter. Chandrababu is seeking BJP’s support with this kind of strategy.

A section within BJP is strongly advocating friendship with Chandrababu. They were all Chandrababu’s supporters in the past. After Kanna Lakshminrayana took over the party leadership, the second section became stronger. Now at a time when Kanna and former TDP leader Sujana Chowdary are becoming friends, those like Somu Veerraju are ruling out alliance with Chandrababu. AP BJP lacks clarity over the alliance. Since the real game is played from Delhi, there are questions on how powerful are BJP’s local leaders. While trying to get Kanna Lakshminarayana’s support here, Chandrababu is making the real effort in Delhi. He knows how to make BJP open the door. TDP leaders believe that carrying BJP with him in AP is not a big deal for Babu. Since Modi and Amit Shah are final in the central politics, they may be ready for a shakehand with Chandrababu to keep a third eye on Jagan. Let us see what happens.

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