Why did Farooq Abdhulla silent for all these years?

Jammu and Kashmir former chief minister and National Conference supremo Farooq Abdulla, who was roped in to campaign for the Telugu Desam Party, told the people that YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy had offered Rs 1500 crore to the Congress leadership if he was made the chief minister of the State in 2009. He said that Jaganmohan Reddy had visited him in 2009 after the death of Y S  Rajasekhar Reddy and offered this money, which was later rejected by the Congress.

Farooq Abdulla, who is part of the Congress-led team at the national level has some special love for Chandrababu Naidu. The Jammu and Kashmir former chief minister was made to address the election rally for the TDP in Kadapa and Kurnool districts, where Muslim population is considerably strong. By making Abdulla to hit at Jaganmohan Reddy, the TDP wanted to expose the YSR Congress chief’s corruption and paint him further black. But, the big question is if Jaganmohan Reddy was ready to offer that money, why did he go to National Conference leader, when he had direct contact with the Congress leaders?

Jaganmohan Reddy was having direct contact with several senior leaders of the Congress those days, including Ghulam Nabi Azad. In fact, he must have tried for the chief minister post too, as claimed by many. There is a strong word alive in the air that Jaganmohan Reddy had collected signatures of the MLAs for his candidature as chief minister. That was when Rajasekhar Reddy’s funeral was not over and K Rosaiah was the acting chief minister and his candidature was not finalised. While there is no proof either to substantiate this claim or disprove it, people believe that Jaganmohan Reddy wanted to be the chief minister in the Congress party after his father’s death on September 2, 2009. But, the question is what was the role of National Conference Party from Jammu and Kashmir State in the Congress politics for Jaganmohan Reddy to approach Farooq Abdhulla with the money offer?

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