Why is Nandamuri family mum?

balakrishna NTR

Capital issue has become a hot topic in the state. Some have welcomed three-capital proposal while some others are criticizing it. Thus the state is divided into two groups. At the same time the demand to retain Amaravati as the state capital and develop it is growing. In tune with this demand, opposition TDP is organizing large-scale protests by roping in the farmers. Chandrababu’s entire family is visiting the capital to show solidarity with the farmers. Chandrababu has announced that the protest will be intensified.

Babu’s wife Bhuvaneswari not only visited Amaravati on January 1 and delivered an emotional speech but also donated her bangles for the movement. In such a situation in the state, it is normal that people look towards Tollywood. People will be keen to see how leading actors of Telugu film industry react. At the same time, Krishna and Guntur district people look towards Nandamuri NTR family. In a situation like this, they seek support from the family in view of the family’s links with these districts.

On the other hand, in Anantapur district, which is a Nandamuri family stronghold, their politics carries lot of significance. At the time of elections and also in situation like this, people want to see what Nandamuri family is doing. There is a debate going on whether Nandamuri family is reacting to Amaravati issue or not. The question being asked is how Balayya, who is a MLA from Anantapur district, Junior NTR and other members of Harikrishna family reacting to Amaravati issue?

However, none of them have so far reacted. Protest is continuing in Amaravati but neither Balayya nor anybody else is reacting. Chandrababu is staging protest but they are silent. Top heroes in the industry are also not reacting to Amaravati issue. Nandamuri heroes NTR and Kalyan Ram too are maintaining silence. Since they don’t have political goals here, one can’t find fault with them. People are asking what is in the mind of Balayya, who is a key member of Nandamuri family in films and politics. They want to know if he is not bothered whether Amaravti continues as the capital or not.

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