Why Jagan is focusing on welfare?

BJP MP Sujana Chowdary has alleged that Jagan is doing vote bank politics with the taxes being paid by people in Andhra Pradesh. He also said that there is no governance in AP and it is only Jagan’s politics which is seen in the state. Sujana also vent out his anger. He commented that Jagan is distributing money among people for votes and if this yields him votes then it will be trouble for other parties. It has been only six months since Jagan came to power and he kept development aside to completely focus on the welfare scheme. Every day he is issuing directions to the officials. He tells them repeatedly that under any circumstances we should fulfill our promises and we should ensure that every scheme reaches the people. In fact Jagan’s entire focus is on coming elections. From the day he won the elections, he has been taking steps in this direction. There is also nothing to hide in this.

Jagan is ruling in his style with an eye on 80 per cent of the state’s population. Pucca houses should be built for them, they should get ration rice and their children should be provided free education. If they are studying in private schools, the government should bear some burden. People should be provided free medical services through Arogyasri. Jagan wrote Navaratnalu in his election plan, keeping in mind the poor. After coming to power he has been thinking only about these promises. The new state has less resources and the money will not be sufficient for development on one hand and welfare on the other. That’s why Jagan is giving priority to welfare. Through this he will be known as the leader who fulfilled all promises. People will see the benefits. Jagan believes that this will turn into huge vote bank and help him consolidate politically.

While giving an impression that he trusts the BJP government at the Centre, he is going ahead on his path. Jagan, who suffered several betrayals in the political game, knows every situation very well. That’s why no matter who hatches conspiracies, who troubles his government and who personally targets him, Jagan believes that welfare schemes will be Sri Rama Raksha for him. That’s why he is focusing on the welfare as a strategy. If development means laying roads or building something else, why will 80 per cent people who have no means will vote for the party. Projects like Amaravati and Polvaram have to be built but that can developed at rapid pace when there is money. If schemes are not launched till then, people will not keep quiet.

Jagan is announcing schemes as per a calendar. He is implementing them one by one. In the meantime, the opposition did try to show their politics but if the schemes do not yield desired results, people will not fault Jagan but will target the opposition. While the opposition parties are repeatedly saying that Jagan’s bail will get cancelled and he will go to jail, Jagan is moving ahead by politically strengthening himself. If politics of betrayal is played out against Jagan like it was done against, it will boomerang and Jagan will ultimately get people’s support. Overall, Jagan is chanting welfare mantra because of his firm belief that only this can stop BJP.

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