Why Jagan is in haste to hold polls?

How strong is YSRCP in Visakhapatnam will be known in two months. YSRCP government is said to have decided to hold elections to Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation in February. Till the other day there were speculations that the number of GVMC wards will be increased to 100. However, for this law has to be amended. The process may take a long time and till then anti-incumbency against YSRCP government may set in. That’s why YSRCP is getting ready to hold GVMC elections at the earliest.

Visakhapatnam is an interesting city. From the beginning people here voted Congress to power. Elections to GVMC were held many times but TDP won the polls only once. The reason for Congress party’s victories was anti-incumbency sentiment against TDP and its regional politics. After Congress got faded, people have been supporting TDP. People are already of the view that TDP is better than YSRCP. After reading about various allegations against YSRCP, the people are not ready to back it.

Majority of the people in Visakhapatnam are educated. Employees are also in large numbers here. Similarly, the votes of Brahmins and other upper castes are also important. They all closely follow the media. They change their opinion depending on the feedback. Coming to YSRCP, there are corruption cases pending against Jagan in the court. Though the allegations have not yet been proved but surveys in the past revealed that the party faces opposition from people.

On the other hand, people in the city were greatly influenced by the TDP leaders’ campaign. From the beginning people here want peace. In 2014 TDP during the campaign had told people that Rayalseema politics will come to the coastal city and believing the party, people defeated Jagan’s mother Vijayamma. In 2019 elections too, YSRCP could not win the four seats in the city. In two of these constituencies, TDP candidates won with a majority of over 25,000 votes and this shows YSRCP does not have a grip here.

Now Jagan government is saying that Visakhapatnam will be made administrative capital. City residents have welcomed this. Welfare schemes implemented by Jagan government during last six months, corruption-free governance and YSRCP government moving ahead with a clear policy all are expected to work in favour of the ruling party. Despite all this, YSRCP does not have any big grip on the city politics. However, to overcome this, the party is said to be gearing up to attract leaders from other parties on a large scale. GVMC elections will show to what extent the situation has changed in the city following the capital announcement and how it has helped YSRCP. If YSRCP wins with good majority, the government is expected to act swiftly for the development of Visakhapatnam.

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