Why parties in AP not ready for early polls?

One side there is an excitement over early polls while on the other leaders in the Telugu states are voicing contradictory views. Leaders in Telangana feel that it will be good if elections are held early. But in Andhra Pradesh different views are being expressed. AP leaders feel that it will take some time for the parties to be mobilized. TRS leaders say that in Telangana they have already created election environment. AP appears to be lagging behind in taking local issues and parties to people.   It is believed that the ruling parties in both the states will get good marks in welfare schemes. However, TDP government feels that it needs some time on development programmes. KCR is of the view that he has achieved a lot on this front. That’s why he is ready for early polls.

Congress, the main opposition party in Telangana, is in disarray. The leadership has failed so far to ensure coordination among leaders. Except, getting posts in the party, Congress leaders have not shown impact in their areas. The infighting for posts and dissidence is continuing. Congress party’s national leadership is preparing a strategy to woo SCs, STs and minorities. They are planning to focus on reserved constituencies. It will take some time for these efforts to yield results. KCR thinks that if elections are held before this it will be good for him. The scattered groups in Congress are not coming together. The moment they hear about elections, they fight for everything from tickets to constituencies. Unity disappears. This is the culture of Congress party. On this basis, KCR is reported to be planning to complete the poll process as early as possible. He is saying that if BJP and the Central Election Commission take the initiative, he is ready. KCR is confident that schemes like Rythu Bandhu will benefit him. With ‘operation Akarash’ he is busy in attracting remaining leaders from other parties to TRS.

Chandrababu’s plan is that the capital development and Polavaram should be Telugu Desam’s poll issues. Recently, he approved construction of an iconic building in Amaravati. The work will be completed in one year. TDP’s strategy is to show this iconic building as an example and seek votes by telling people that TDP needs another term in power. The work of Polavaram project has been intensified during last one month. Chandrababu Naidu is confident that even if the project construction is not completed, ensuring water supply through gravity will get votes for the party. Though the issue of special status is still alive, there is no guarantee as to how many votes the party will get. That’s why it is planning to take some regional sentiments to the peak. Already, MP C M Ramesh has gone on hunger strike to woo people of Rayalaseema. Party believes that this will give good mileage. It is also planning a movement on the issues of railway zone for north Andhra. TDP thinks that it will take some time for these issues to go to people and create favourable conditions for the party. If the people are to be told about the TDP’s protest, there will be a need for time-bound movement. It is being said that if elections are to be held in November-December, all the hectic activity will come to a halt. If elections are scheduled in February-March, the works will come to a conclusion and it will be advantage TDP.

In AP, opposition leader Jagan is amidst people for seven months. His padyatra is likely to continue for another three months. By then, he will cover 125 constituencies. He has already decided to do bus yatra in another 50 constituencies. That means his schedule is decided till December end. If elections are to be held early, Jagan will have to change his schedule. He needs sufficient time to select candidates and focus on political strategies. Jana Sena is also entering the fray. The party circles believe that party president Pawan Kalyan needs at least nine months to visit the entire state and analyse the situation. Anti-government sentiments are growing across the state. YSRCP and Jana Sena are of the view that these sentiments will become stronger in coming months and hence it will be better if elections are held on time.

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