Why Pawan Kalyan is angry over Jagan

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I don’t need power and I don’t want even the post of the chief minister. These were the words of Pawan Kalyan while entering politics. What was there yesterday is not there today and will not be there tomorrow. There has been criticism that his decisions are not stable. Similar is his style of functioning. It is said that Pawan Kayan is quite firm on one decision. That’s in his political journey by following Chandrababu. Similarly Pawan Kalyan also did not change his stand in targeting Jagan.

2019 elections showed what kind of humiliation Pawan Kalyan’s party faced. The question in political circles is that whether Pawan Kalyan who was defeated and made his partymen suffer the defeat, has the strength to win the elections if they are held immediately. At every step, the pain of defeat is reflected in Pawan Kalyan. He strongly wishes that Jagan government who defeated him and won should collapse. He is not hiding this. He is frequently cursing the government by predicting its downfall. However, he is unable to say why Jagan government will fall.

Jagan party has 151 MLAs. They will not leave YSRCP under any circumstances. Even if they want to leave, where will go and which party they will join. BJP does not have a single MLA seat in AP. More importantly it has no strong leader. It is wishful to think that BJP will bring down the YSRCP government to make him the chief minister. Attempts by BJP’s attempts to change the government in Karnataka earlier and recently in Maharashtra ended in a disaster. BJP is strong in those states but its games did not work. In AP the party can’t do anything with no seat in Assembly.

The less said better about TDP and Chandrababu.

When this is the situation, Pawan Kalyan saying Jagan government will collapse should be seen as jealousy. Pawan Kalyan does not like to see Jagan as CM. He is saying that he does not recognize Jagan as the chief minister. Even if Pawan Kalyan does not like, Jagan will be the CM for another four-and-half year. This is the democracy Even if the people who votes say they don’t want him as the chief minister, elections will not be held. There is no provision in the Constitution that elections be held again and again due to somebody’s anger or jealousy. Pawan Kalyan predicting government’s downfall is a proof of his lack of political maturity. Pawan Kalyan does not know politics. He does not even know politics and strategies.

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