Why YSRCP silent in these regions?

It is a fact that Amaravati region is on the boil. Though the government has not yet taken a decision on three capitals, the hue and cry being raised by the opposition including TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is making headlines in the media. They are exaggerating everything. At the same time people in Rayalaseema and in Visakhapatnam are taking to the streets demanding capitals in their respective regions. However, pro-Chandrababu media is not at all focusing on this. When this is the situation in the state and despite the government coming under criticism, why YSRCP leaders are silent? This has now become the main question.

Since people in Amaravati region took to streets because of sentiments, one can understand the silence of YSRCP MLAs and ministers. However, the question is why YSRCP leaders in other regions are not coming on to the streets in support of the government to counter the opposition. Do they think Chandrababu is not strong as the leader of opposition? Do they think he can be ignored? It is a fact that he won only 23 seats in the previous elections. Now only 21 are left in the party. Are the YSRCP leaders feeling why should we counter when they are in such a small numbers? If this is true then they are making a big mistake. Once a voice goes to people, it spreads like a wildfire.

YSRCP leaders have to take all this into consideration. Why the YSRCP leaders are maintaining silence in north Andhra and Rayalaseema. People in these regions are also taking to roads to demand that the fruits of development should reach them and their regions should also have equitable development. However, so far YSRCP leaders have failed to explain the government’s stand to people. Remaining parties in north Andhra are welcoming three capital proposal. However, YSRCP leaders have not come on to the streets. They are not explaining the government’s view point to people. Analysts say that if YSRCP fails to turn the present opportunity in its favour, it may face difficulties in the days to come.

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