Will BJP succeed in its plans in Maharashtra?

BJP making all efforts to see that Shiv Sena does not come to power in Maharashtra. BJP and Shiv Sena were in alliance before the elections but after the results they got separated. Similary, BJP is said to be trying its best to split Congress-NCP alliance to politically gain from it. Analysts say the attempts being made by BJP from behind the scenes are to be blamed for Maharshtra political impasse not getting resolved.

It is nearly a month since the announcement of the elections results but the government is yet to be formed. President’s rule was also imposed but there is no clarity on government formation. In fact, BJP leaders had thought that Shiv Sena will not dare to leave them. However, for the sake of chief minister’s post, Shiv Sena divorced them and this could not be digested by the BJP leaders. On one hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking to Shiv Sena respectfully but secret attempts to damage Shiv Sena is going on.

For Shiv Sena to form the government, the support of NCP chief Sharad Pawar is a must. Realising that Shiv Sena is relying on Sharad Pawar for its bid, BJP is believed to be trying to woo him. With Sharad Pawar still not giving clarity on government formation and making a new statement every hour has given further strengthened the doubts.

There are reports that BJP has offered the highest post in the country to NCP chief. In return for this efforts are being made to make NCP give its support to BJP. What has further strengthened these doubts is the fact that after the meeting with Sonia Gandhi, the meeting scheduled to be held among Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP kept on getting postponed. However, leaders of all parties believe that this is not possible. Congress and Shiv Sena are confident that Sharad Pawar will not join hands with BJP. But what are the conditions laid down by Sharad Pawar?. Will Shiv Sena accept these conditions? We have to wait and see. On the other hand it is significant that RSS is still trying for a compromise between BJP and Shiv Sena.

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