Will Chandrababu take the risk?

Chandrababu is criticized not just in his party but also outside for only talking and not doing anything. Perhaps this is helping the TDP leaders. As the party is in opposition and confined to just 23 seats, every elected MLA is trying to show his dominance. Some of the leaders are even causing high blood pressure to Chandrababu. The moment Jagan announced that Visakhapatnam will be developed as the capital city, former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao declared his support. Praising Jagan government, he said it has taken a good decision. Not just this, he also got a resolution passed by other TDP leaders close to him in favour of Visakhapatnam as the capital.

There is a talk going on in the party that Chandrababu is very serious over Ganta’s conduct. For last seven months, he despite remaining in the party doing whatever he likes. Not just this. He also stopped coming to Assembly. Despite Chandrababu’s orders, he did not participate in Pawan Kalyan’s long march. Now on the issue of state capital, he has gone against the party stand. That’s why Chandrababu is said to have decided to issue show cause notice to Ganta.

Ganta is a big shot. He is financially strong among the party leaders in north Andhra. After party’s defeat he is maintaining distance but he is a leader TDP needs. It is doubtful if such a leader will fall in line if he is served show cause notice. This will make him a free bird. If he follows into the footsteps of Vallabhneni Vamsi and sits on a separate seat in the Assembly, it will be like TDP losing another wicket and it is not going to help the party. Before issuing show cause notice, Chandrababu is said to be thinking of calling Ganta to speak to him. TDP leaders feel that this will also not be of any big help to the party. This means TDP knows which way Ganta is heading.

Meanwhile, Visakhapatnam TDP under the leadership of Ganta’s follower S. A. Rahman passed a resolution in favor of Visakhapatnam as the capital. Balayya’s younger son-in-law Sri Bharat and three other MLAs also supported this resolution. Several other leaders attended the meeting. Ganta followers are asking if Chandrababu will also issue show cause notice to these leaders. Whatever it may be, it is being said that as long as Chandrababu shows patience on the issue of Ganta, he will technically remain in TDP. If Chandrababu takes action, he will immediately leave the party. Let us wait if Chandrababu takes such a risk or not.

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