Will Congress find a leader before it dies?

Rahul Gandhi

The beleaguered Congress across the country is almost on the death bed, particularly after the humiliating defeat in the 2019 general elections. The party had lost the electoral battle against the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies. Congress president Rahul Gandhi and other senior leaders have failed to perform well against the united leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. The Modi-Shah combine had swept the polls from the north to south and east to west.

The defeat seems to have pained Rahul Gandhi, who had quit the Congress president post. He also blamed some of the party top leaders for taking him for granted during the elections, while some of them, according to him, have blackmailed him, in favour of their siblings and successors. The Congress leaders, who set at the helm of affairs whenever the party is in power, have become spent forces across the country. No Congress leader in any of the States, is strong enough to lead the party. In fact, the top Congress leadership is responsible for this as it did not allow a strong leader in the States and wanted the Central leadership to be strong. It did work to some extent when Sonia Gandhi was heading the party, which was in power by then.

The leaders have moved to Delhi to be top players in the government and have lost the base in their respective states. No leader whose voice is heard in Delhi is worth winning a seat in his or her home state. This is the reality as no leader could contribute for the party’s victory in the just-concluded general elections. This reality seems to have pained Rahul Gandhi, who is firm on not taking over the party president post again.

The party had also lost several leaders in their States and the party’s PCCs are also now headless as several of them have resigned in support of Rahul Gandhi. The party is thus remains headless for over two months, literally being seen as lying on the death bed.

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