Will he emerge as AP’s Kejriwal?

AAP’s victory in Delhi is not an ordinary one. Its echo is still being heard across India. As a result of this, it is being said that people started to have a liking for AAP’s political policies. Staying away from corruption and without bribing people to get votes, just placing the work done for their good before them to get their votes is innovative politics. An ordinary IRS officer Kejriwal achieving this kind of successive victories and bring something new in governance is in fact the topic of debate among intellectuals and academicians. As a result, some people are trying to expand AAP politics in AP.

In fact such an experiment was done in Andhra Pradesh even before AAP. IAS officer Jayaprakash Narayan floated Lok Satta before 2009 elections and contested in undivided Andhra Pradesh. The party in that election became a big sensation but in terms of seats he was the only winner. Subsequently, the swing became dormant. Jayaprakash contested for Lok Sabha on Lok Satta ticket but with his defeat the activities came to a halt.

Meanwhile, another IPS official Lakshminarayana who became famous as CBI JD wanted to set up the party before 2019 elections. However, in the last minute he changed his decision and contested unsuccessfully from Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha seat on Jana Sena ticket. However, Visakhapatnam people supported JD. He secured over 2.80 lakh votes which is not a small achievement. In this context JD who wants to continue in politics recently said goodbye to Jana Sena. He has been looking for a like-minded party and now he is said to be finding AAP as the best option for him.

AAP’s victory has further boosted Kejriwal’s confidence and he is said to be planning to expand the party across the country. There are speculations that JD will be given the reins of AAP in AP. JD is highly educated and served as a senior officer. He and Kejriwal share the same views. In this context JD is said to be gearing up to play a key role as AAP chief. If we look at the politics in AP, it is confined between TDP and YSRCP. They are being criticized for indulging in personal attacks and thus ignoring the state’s development.

On the other hand Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has weakened. There are no indications of BJP, Congress and the Left parties bouncing back. That’s why there is a feeling that if neutral personalities, educated and intellectuals come forward it will be good for the state. It is being said that if as a first step towards this, JD takes over AAP leadership, the impact of party’s victory in Delhi will also be felt here and JD can build on this with his charishma to make AAP a formidable force by 2024. Let us see if this happens

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