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Yes..Pawan Kalyan is now the hot cake. He was the number one in the film industry when he took a plunge into politics. He left income of crores of rupees to enter the politics. He roped in support of lakhs of his fans for Jana Sena. He said that people are more important for him than films. He came out with calculation to give an assurance. Now wherever you see the public opinion is that Jana Sena will emerge as the third force. Jana Sena is being praised as a party which took on state level political veterans of YSRCP and TDP and faced their money and muscle power with some honesty and integrity. However, this is not enough for power. Principles of honesty can’t change the number game. That’s why the number of fans who want to see the return of their power star is increasing.

The demand is growing that while playing a central role in politics, he should once again become busy in the films and do at least one film in a year. They have various logics for this demand. They say that if he works in films he can sustain himself in politics. The question is how far power star will agree to this and will he go back to a field where he did not want to go.

Fans are the strength of Pawan Kalyan. If one third of his films are utter flop, he still makes cine lovers sit tightly. He achieved the top position with no connection to hit or flop. Fans have been demanding that their hero should do more movies and entertain them. That’s why when he announced that he will enter politics and will not do movies, every fan felt sad. Many voiced their apprehensions in view of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam experiment ending in a failure.

Large number of fans demanded that he should do both movies and politics. Power star announced that he is dedicating his life for public service and bid goodbye to movies. With this fans came to a conclusion and worked for the party. They feel that Jana Sena will show its impact in about 40 constituencies. The main reason for this is fans. They agree that there are no chances of the party coming to power. If it gets power with 20-30 seats, it will change day-to-day life. They believe that this will be against the preferences of their leader. That’s why they are not having any such hopes this time. As an alternative they are making new demand. Fans are mounting pressure that he should come back into films.

Will Pawan agree to re-enter cine field or not is a different issue. However, the demand is going viral. Social media is the power of Pawan’s fans. The fans give celebrity status to many just because of their rivalry with power star. Not deliberately but by picking up a fight with them, they create interest among lakhs of people. That’s why respectable people are scared to make any comment on Pawan. They will be worried as to how Pawan’s fans will react. Those who want this publicity make some comment on Pawan and become public star. Here fans are the weakness of Pawan. They pick up argument with some unknown persons and make them stars to create a headache.

One can say that Pawan Kalyan’s personal life became controversial and is drowned in discussions because of his fans. However, the number of fans who want him to come back to films and entertain them is increasing by the day. Adding to this they are discussing questions like who will be director, what will be the story and who will be the heroine.

Politics doesn’t mean power alone. Pawan Kalyan made this clear on many occasions. Being amidst people and fighting for democracy is the goal or the destination. Communists and many other parties don’t come to power but they fight for their existence and remain amidst people. If the leader winds up the party because it did not come to power immediately after it was formed, exposes his weakness.

This is what happened in the case of Praja Rajyam. Now there may be lakhs of people who believed in Jana Sena and voted for it. If he goes back to films and sails in two boats who will be the loser? Why will people trust new parties? If he fails in both fields will fans take the responsibility? Will this not amount to pouring cold water on the hopes of lakhs of people who want new politics? That’s why this is not an issue related to Pawan’s career or his personal matter. This is an issue linked with Andhra Pradesh politics. It is time to cautiously take a decision. Will power star surrender to the demand of his fans or follow his inclination is something we have to wait and see.

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