Will his formula be a success?

Pawan Kalyan had announced that without bothering about power he is getting ready for a long political struggle but his re-entry into films has now triggered a debate. All had thought that he will confine to one or two guest roles but the reports that he is readying for major roles and series of films is attracting criticism. All are busy analyzing the impact the latest developments will have on the recently formed alliance between BJP and Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan preparing to work in films is definitely a celebration for his fans. Power star is an actor who attracts youth with his unique style and different acting. On many occasions he said he is no longer interested in films. However, his fans continued to have hopes from him. When Pawan Kalyan formed the political party and contested the elections fans stood behind him like a rock. However, they could not accept that their hero is going away from the silver screen. Their wish was that he continue working in films. Now their wish is getting fulfilled. According to Pawan’s friends after the defeat in the general elections he took this decision after considering it from all angles. There were financial reasons but politics also require glamour. If he does not achieve electoral victory in the long run, he may disappear from the scene but if he is not seen in movies, there will be chances of his losing the attraction. That’s why film and political analysts say Pawan Kalyan has taken a right decision.

After N T Rama Rao floated Telugu Desam Party, he carried both films and politics together. Several actors entered the politics. Only few of them have succeeded. The two fields became intertwined. While being in power, N T Rama Rao made few films. Films like ‘Brahmachari Vishwamitra’ and ‘Samrt Ashok’ did not give him expected results. However, ‘Major Chandrakanth’ in which he acted after losing the power doubled his attraction. This somewhat helped in coming back to power in 1994. When Pawan Kalyan announced that he has quit the films, there were mixed reactions with some people calling it a wrong decision. Films help in keeping alive the fan following. There will be possibility of converting this into political power. If one can’t give a tough fight to powerful rivals in the politics, he may be a loser in both the fields. Majority opinion in Jana Sena is that working in films till his time arrives in politics is the right strategy. In the past Chiranjeevi had said that he will give his entire time to politics but he could not stay. After a gap of nearly 10 years he started acting in films again. Now Pawan Kalyan is following the same path. There is no dearth of those who say that being in opposition without the attraction of films is a waste of time and effort. Pawan with his latest decision is fulfilling the wish of all these people.

Pawan Kalyan is often criticized for being part-time political leader. The public leader has to be regularly among people and participate in anti-government protests. He has to continue undertaking some activity. Jana Sena chief’s failure to do this has made the party’s future doubtful. Though it has been five years since he formed the party, it is yet to be fully constituted. The party is being run merely on the basis of fan following. The organisation needs to be strengthened. After joining hands with a national party like BJP, the time has come to intensify the political fight. In this situation every minute is important. Main opposition Telugu Desam Party is already doing various kinds of protests against the state government’s decisions. BJP and Jana Sena hope to push back TDP to emerge as the main opposition to YSRCP. In this situation Pawan Kalyan’s political responsibilities will increase. Will power star be able to carry both films and politics together? This is the question now. At the same time there are arguments that films help in politically moving ahead. Whatever it may but fans’ wish is getting fulfilled. The time will decide whether film and politics combination formula will succeed or not.

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