Will Jagan clear the air on Amaravati?

Jagamohan Reddy Amaravati

The construction of AP capital Amaravati triggered an intense debate not just in the state but also at the national level. Amaravati, which is the brainchild of TDP chief Chandrababu, was then the talk of the politics at the global level. After studying the designs of cities like Singapore and Dubai, Chandrababu announced plans to make Amaravati a world-class city. Here, land acquisition also came under discussion as a major issue. In the elections held this year, the issue kicked off a huge controversy. It is an undeniable fact that the stand taken by YSRCP on the capital issue from the beginning is the main reason for this. YSRCP leaders claimed that TDP leaders cheated farmers by paying them paltry amount to acquire lands from them. They even launched legal battle over this. At the same time they also filed cases in National Green Tribunal. After YSRCP came to power, the clouds of doubts over Amaravati got thickened. In this situation, farmers in the capital and opposition parties politicized the issue.

Meanwhile, pro-TDP media became further aggressive. The comments made by minister Botsa Satyanarayana added to the doubts on Amaravati. In this context, those who love Amaravati expressed happiness over the clarity given by the government on the issue. Minister Botsa himself said the capital will remain in Amaravati. When this is the situation, how Jagan looks at Amaravati politically? Does he believe that if the city develops, the entire credit will go to TDP president and former CM Chandrababu? The debate is going on over these questions.

If we look at this issue, it is a fact that the credit for launching Amaravati goes to Chandrababu. Analysts say any credit above this and long-term benefits will go to Jagan. They say that Jagan will get a good opportunity to tell people in 2024 elections that Chandrababu laid the foundation stone but did not do a single work but after we came to power we fought with the Centre to get funds and completed Amaravati.

The analysts say if Jagan doesn’t do this he will definitely face criticism for the same. There are also reports that though Jagan agreed to develop Amaravati as the capital, he is also thinking of decentralizing governance. We have to wait and see how Jagan takes the decision without making people of various regions unhappy.

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