Will Kalva also desert TDP?

Operation Akarsh mantra is working very well currently across the state. Ruling YSRCP has stepped up its efforts to crush TDP. Jagan has begun efforts to woo those leaders whom Chandrababu consider the strong foundations of TDP. He is meticulously implementing his plans. As part of this during last 15 days several leaders came and joined YSRCP. Even the sitting MLAs who have been with TDP since its formation are giving a shock to the party. As a result of this TDP’s position in many districts has become very weak. Meanwhile, YSRCP has sets its sight on Anantapur and is looking to intensify its action.

As part of this YSRCP dealt a big blow to TDP by making senior leader, whose family had been loyal to the party, former minister and MLC Shamantakamani and his daughter former whip Yamini Bala defect to the party. Everybody thought that with this operation Akarsh will come to an end in Anantapur. However, Senior YSRCP leaders say that the real action had just begun. As per the latest information, it is luring former MLA from Raidurgam in Anantapur district, former minister and former journalist Kalva Srinivasulu who acted as Chandrababu’s right hand in the previous government. It is being said that a minister is holding talks with him.

Jagan is said to be showing enthusiasm that if he joins YSRCP, he will be given a key nominated post and also a position in the party. He believes that by bringing in Kalva Srinivasulu, they can completely decimate TDP in Anantapur. Kalva Srinvasulu belongs to powerful Boya community among BCs. There is also a debate going in YSRCP that with this move Paritala faction can be dealt a big blow. It is learnt that YSRCP leaders are holding talks with Kalva Srinivasulu. However, Chandrababu is also reported to be alert to ensure that this information does not go out. He is said to have immediately deputed number two in the party Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.

TDP sources say Yanamala himself is trying to talk to Kalva Srinivasulu over the issue. In fact Chandrababu sent a message to Kalva Srinivas to meet him in the party office in Vijayawada but he did not turn up. Now with the developments like discussion among YSRCP leaders and the latest defection by Shamantakamani, TDP has become alert. It remains to be seen which way Kalva Srinivas tends. However, following the recent call by Chandrababu, he made several criticisms on the government and actively participated in party activity.

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