Will Karnataka reverse BJP scene?

Will Goa and Manipur scene be repeated in Karnataka? Will BJP snatch power with less number of seats? Will Congress remain away from power despite getting more seats? These questions are arising now. Elections for Karnataka Assembly were held on Saturday. The election campaign saw war of words among BJP, Congress and JD (S) leaders. They criticized each other and resorted to all methods to have an upper hand in the electioneering. The campaign witnessed bitter war of words between Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the other hand, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and BJP’s CM candidate Yeddyurappa hurled allegations at each other.

Taking this election as prestige issue, AICC president Rahul Gandhi camped in Karnataka for three months to tour 30 districts. In fact this is a record. President of a national party camping in a state for such a long period and visiting all districts is a record. By campaigning towards the end, Prime Minister Narendra Modi boosted the morale of BJP. The results will come on May 15. Recent pre-poll surveys have added to the suspense about the results. Initially the surveys indicated that Congress will retain power and Siddaramaiah will become the chief minister again.

After few days, the situation changed as the latest surveys indicate. Surveys by different organizations predicted that no party will get magic figure, that it will be close fight between Congress and BJP and that the seat difference between the two parties will be narrow. In this context, JD (S) leaders exuded confidence that they will be the kingmakers. All are keeping their fingers crossed as to which party former prime minister Deve Gowda and former CM Kumaraswamy will support.

BJP leaders are confident that their party will come to power even if it gets less number of seats. In Goa Assembly elections, Congress party won more seats but BJP formed the government despite getting less number of seats. In Manipur too, BJP came to power despite bagging fewer seats than Congress. Some leaders say BJP and Goa scene will be repeated in Karnataka. They believe that they will come to power with support from JD (S) and others.

Actually in these two states, BJP got more seats than Congress. However, in those states Digvijay Singh was the incharge of Congress party. By the time he woke up in the morning, Nitin Gadkari had reached there overnight and clinched the deal for BJP. Thus the scene for Congress had reversed. However, Congress leaders claim that in view of the experience in Goa and Manipur, their party is alert and in Karnataka it will not allow BJP to succeed in its plans. May 15 will put all speculations to rest.

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