Will KCR’s dream come true?

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It is known to all that KCR’s dream is to form a Federal Front without BJP and Congress. However, Chandrababu believes that without the support of either BJP or Congress, it is not easy to play a key role at the Centre. Chief ministers of both the Telugu states are undertaking journey on two different routes in the national politics. While Chandrababu joined hands with Congress, KCR began the efforts to form a front with the regional parties. Chandrababu recently slammed Telangana CM for his stand. He remarked that KCR will be isolated. Prime Minister Modi mocked the Federal Front by asking where is the Federal Front.

In his first attempt to cobble up Federal Front, KCR did not get the desired success. However, after becoming chief minister for the second time, he once again called on the leaders of the regional parties. These parties one after the other are dumping Congress and saying their route is separate. First it was Mamata Banerjee who made it clear that she doesn’t accept Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate. Following in her footsteps and joining hands together, Mayawati and Akilesh have isolated Congress. Adding to this, they announced that they will not contest from Raibarely and Amethi. Their action of doling out two seats to Sonia and Rahul became a topic of debate.

TDP, DMK and JD (S) are the parties which are clearly behind Congress. The remaining parties are not even ready for a friendly contest with Congress. They are saying that it is Congress which betrayed the nation and encouraged corruption. They are readying to contest the parliamentary elections treating BJP as the main enemy and Congress as the second enemy. In this context, Chandrababu who is contesting elections in AP in alliance with Congress, is finding himself in a situation where he can’t confidently say that Congress will come to power at the Centre. Even if the people are to believe him, Maya and Akilesh have turned Congress into a zero in the biggest state UP. Chandrababu had defended the alliance with Congress on the ground that he is doing this for the sake of the country and the democracy. Now the opposition leaders in UP have copied his slogan. Anybody with some awareness of national politics can understand this.

With Congress party’s graph falling in states like UP, Bihar, Bengal which have more parliamentary seats, Congress may not come to power at the Centre. Even if we keep this aside, the question whether Third Front will be in a position to rule or not will be decided by the election results. Congress did not achieve big victory in the recent elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. BJP nearly won the seats required to form the governments. This shows that there is no guarantee that the lotus party will not come to power again. The developments in UP make it clear that while BJP may not get total majority like in the previous election, it will emerge as the single largest party.

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