Will misdeeds really get exposed?

Jagamohan Reddy Amaravati

Misdeeds getting exposed and stringent punishment are the two words which are not there in the dictionary of political leaders. This is what has been happening since the country gained independence. However, minister Perni Nani made a strong comment that the corrupt people’s misdeeds will get exposed. He said no matter how best they try to hide the misdeeds, they will be exposed. The minister also said that real secrets of those who have been throwing challenges all these years will be made public. This is all about insider trading in Amaravati. For last three years YSRCP has been alleging that TDP’s former ministers and MLAs purchased lands on large scale in benamis.

Meanwhile, YSRCP government has completed six months. The ruling party leaders are coming under criticism for still confining to making the allegations. Seeing this TDP leaders are launching counter attack. They say that allegations of corruption against them have not been proved. According to them the government has no proof against them. In this context the cabinet sub-committee gave its report, providing details of 4000 acres of benami lands and large-scale land purchase. Keeping this in view, the minister spoke strongly. He claims that the time to expose the misdeeds has come. However, whether the corrupt will really be exposed is what being currently debated.

Former chief minister Chandrababu has also reacted strongly to this. He said while they are demanding the government to develop the capital in Amaravati, the government is resorting to blackmail. Babu is not responding directly to the allegation that the TDP leaders purchased lands in benami but he is making the remark that Jagan is scared of CBI. He also made a sarcastic comment that Jagan who goes before CBI every week should prove his innocence there. In a way Babu is saying that he is honest and hence not bothered. On the other hand, he also alleged that all this is being done to harass Amaravati farmers and announced future action plan before the media. TDP will be launching the agitation with the political allegation that CBI probe is aimed at troubling the farmers.

As far as Jagan is concerned he is said to be in favour of approaching CBI for probe into insider trading. Among the opposition parties CPI-M is supporting this. The remaining opposition parties are weighing their options. Leaders like Babu claimed that this investigation is aimed at completely destroying capital Amaravati. Only a few days ago Babu had challenged the government to get Amaravati land dealings investigated by a sitting judge of the high court. Now that YSRCP is planning CBI probe, TDP is getting ready to counter it politically and raise as much hue and cry as possible.

Intellectuals are saying that having come this far, the government should take the matter ahead and unless it tells five crore people with evidence whether insider trading took place or not, Jagan government’s word will carry no credibility. They say that instead of doing this if the government makes such statements only to threaten TDP, there will be no end to Amaravati row.

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