Will TDP’s fortunes revive in AP?

Chandrababu Naidu

When will TDP regain its strength in AP? Which mantra will bring back the party to life? When will the party return to power? All these questions will get the answers if the party does well in the local body elections to be held after Sankranti. TDP faced a humiliating defeat in the elections held this year. It failed to come to power for second term. Though win or loss in elections is described as normal, TDP has to first survive.

Survival has become a tough task for the party. How will be the situation till the next elections? Today it is difficult to predict what kind of situation the party would face. Leaders are leaving the party one by one. Even those who are in the party are unhappy. In this context, there is dire need to save the party. Regaining the lost ground in public is a key challenge. Analysts say Chandrababu has huge responsibility of leading the party to victory in the local body elections to be held after January.

In fact in 2009 after TDP lost the second successive election, the party was not in a position to survive in AP as it faced Telangana movement on one hand and formation of YSR Congress Party on the other. However, in 2013 the party recovered in the local body elections. As a result of this, there were hopes of party coming to power in 2014. Now looking at the present situation, TDP was decimated in the general elections. In this context it is being said that from now onwards the party needs to prepare for the local body elections. However, there is a huge difference between the elections held in 2013 and the elections now.

Then there was an impact of state’s bifurcation and since Chandababu was preferred for his experience, the TDP had a cakewalk. Now the situation is different. YSRCP government is very strong. It has been further strengthened by the leaders who left TDP to join the ruling party. Similarly, there will be huge impact of the schemes launched by Jagan. Some major schemes are scheduled to be implemented from January. By Ugadi house allocation is going to see major change. In this context Jagan is said to be making every effort to win as many local bodies as possible. In this context will TDP demonstrate its muscles or will it bite the dust? Analysts say if the party bites the dust, the party will not be in a position to recover even till next elections.

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