Will the delay change Babu’s fortunes?

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Delay is sweet poison, say the elders. However, political stalwart Chandrababu shows lot of hesitation in taking decisions. He does not take decisions without analyzing all the aspects. However, in today’s politics people are backing instant decisions. The generation has also changed. That’s why the aggressive ones are being liked. Jagan is pursuing the same aggressive politics. Jagan is known for not thinking but taking immediate decisions. KCR’s style is between Babu and Jagan. Chandrababu has still not given up the habit. TDP leaders say his attitude helped only on some occasions but damaged the party most of the times.

Coming to the local body elections why was Naidu seeking postponement. He thinks longer the delay the greater will be the benefits for him. This means he fears that if elections are held now his party will lose its prestige. Chandrababu’s wish was fulfilled by SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. For now Chandrababu is happy. However, opinion is divided on whether the delay will benefit the party as he believes.

Chandrababu and other opposition parties are of the view that in these nine months anti-incumbency sentiments have set in. That’s why they went to the extent of challenging the government to hold the elections. But when the elections were announced the same parties demanded that they should be cancelled. This is because they could not digest that Jagan party was on course to win 95 per cent seats. Now the elections have been postponed for six weeks. Elections will now be held after taking the situation in the count. The elections are likely to be held in May. However, looking at the political scene in the state and the way Ramesh Kumar has settled in Hyderabad there are no chances of elections being held in May. If Chandrababu feels that there is anti-incumbency against Jagan then he may demand conduct of the elections.

Corona entered the politics and led to the postponement of local body elections. TDP hopes that the same Corona may help it again. Though there is no large number of deaths due to Corona, the economy is getting worse by the day. The country is already witnessing slowdown. Corona will make things worse. Many people may even lose their jobs. In a way it will be war like situation. In such a situation the rulers will face the opposition from people. If such an opportunity comes, Chandrababu will demand local body elections. The results of such an election will be against YSRCP and in favour of TDP. There are also analyses that the postponed elections may change the fortunes of Chandrababu. We have to wait and see.

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