Will the truth ever come out?

Political leaders have become synonyms and big brother for the corruption indulged in by the parties. Big share for those in power and small quota for those in opposition. This has been the practice for a long time. This is being followed by contracting companies especially those related to infrastructure. However, the proceeds of corruption from welfare sector, industrial permissions, lease agreements and procurements go to the accounts of the bigwigs in the government. No matter which party is in power, this has been the routine practice. That’s why the ruling party can spend thousands of crores at the time of elections. Opposition parties also spend a lot but they lag behind in the expenses. All this will be the money earned through corruption. YSRCP government’s determination to conduct a comprehensive probe into the political corruption of the previous TDP government has become a topic of debate. Both the parties are using this issue to hit the roads.

In politics, only a small portion of the corruption is exposed. Since they will have mutual interests, those taking the bribe and those giving it don’t reveal. That’s why all transactions happen smoothly thanks to the nexus between leaders and contractors. In the middle, officials will also have their share. Major political parties take satisfaction in making major projects their priority. Because of this new type of corruption, no political party speaks much on the issue. Barring in instances where there are huge political interests involved, they don’t try to go after the contractors. That’s why the same contracting companies who got the works in TDP rule have got the contracts in YSRCP rule as well. However, reversing all the decisions taken by the previous government, the YSRCP government has announced special investigations into all the projects. It is believed that it is not possible that the inquiry will reveal all the matters. There are strong arguments that to some extent there was insider trading in Amaravati land deals. The government also has some evidences of this. However, it is not possible to prove it legally. That’s why there has been no progress.

There was not much progress even in the cases where there are evidences. Digging out the entire governance is not an easy task. The officials believe that it will end up as a futile exercise. It will only help to once again highlight the allegation that the previous government resorted to corruption. Whenever SITs are formed they bring out some new details. This leads to YSRCP and TDP stepping up their attacks on each other. Nobody believes that this will cause any major loss to the leaders. Nothing was found in scams with international implications like 2G and helicopter scam. That’s why there are no hopes from inquiries inspired by the local politics. However, these developments could send wrong signals to the official machinery. In the government, bureaucracy has to be loyal to political leadership. If this is replaced by disrespect, they will start looking down upon the political parties. This will turn into a danger for the democracy.

While the governments and ministers take policy decisions, they have to be implemented by the officials. If they don’t follow the rules they will become the scapegoats. Most of the recommendations and suggestions by the ministers will be oral. They ask the officials to consider these recommendations and suggestions. This will not be in writing and that’s why there will be nothing to detect the crime. The officials who act as the yes men of the minister of the department concerned, become liable for their written decisions. That’s why they get trapped. If they believe that their decisions will be reversed by the next government, they look into every issue very carefully. They tread very cautiously and this becomes a hurdle in the governance. That’s why senior officials are of the view that any inquiry should be conducted on the basis of clear evidences and allegations. Looking at the composition of the investigating team, it appears to be a police investigation. There are demands that senior bureaucrats who are experts in rules and regulations, government orders, guidelines and governance should be part of the team. That’s why there are doubts whether the remaining departments will extend the cooperation in digging the hill.

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