With opposition getting united, Modi falls on legacy

With Opposition parties getting united, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken one step backward to honour the legacy. Ever since Modi became the prime minister, he kept the senior leaders aside and did not even care to honour them. The videos of one event where Modi ignored senior leader Advani went viral in the social media exposing his arrogance. The Modi-Shah combine have ignored the senior leaders like Advani, Joshi and others.

Now, ahead of the elections, particularly in the light of reports indicating greater fall in the BJP seats in the elections, Modi is now looking back at the seniors. To wash off the image of arrogance, he is now trying to use the legacy of late Atal Behari Vajpayee in the next elections.

Modi had come up with a new slogan for the next election – Ajeya Bharat and Atal BJP – clearly to woo the voters. While Ajeya Bharat is for the nationalists to be kept united, the Atal BJP is to win the hearts of those who have been targeting him for his arrogance and ignoring the senior leaders. This new slogan might help him to contain the steep fall which is expected in the election.

Modi is one of the few leaders that India had seen in the recent past who carries greater ego with him, mostly because of the unquestionable victory he had received in the last election. He had projected himself larger than his own image and every decision was to build his personal image even at the cost of the country’s economy.

The demonetisation and abolition of Planning Commission are the major moves that he had taken in his first stint where he tried to have his own image going down to the people. The country did not gain anything from the demonetisation except the people suffering and the economy too facing the crisis. He left his image strong with the demonetisation, particularly in changing the currency notes from the traditional look to a new look.

The abolition of Planning Commission and creation of NITI Aayog had also washed out the image of late Jawaharlal Nehru who created the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is part of the text books at the school level and even a question for the competitive examinations and any mention of it reminds people of Jawaharlal Nehru and his Congress legacy. The intention of Modi in scrapping Planning Commission was to wash off this image and have his own image on the people of this nation and its future generations.

Now, facing a threat of losing the unquestionable majority in Lok Sabha, Modi is slowly withdrawing from his ego centric politics to leader centric politics.

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