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Late YSR with his amazing rule in the state rewrote the records and these records in politics will remain unbroken. Not just in running the administration but even in conducting the affairs of the party, he left his mark. In the largest national party, many leaders became MPs. Many of them were from Reddy community. However, the name of Rajasekhara Reddy has not disappeared in history but has remained etched in history. It became a story. It carved out a special place for itself in people’s hearts. Every step he took and every day of his rule is still a record. It is still a lesson for Congress. In tune with the ideals of YSR, his son and YSRCP chief Jagan is moving ahead. In the name of ‘Praja Sankalp Yatra’ he is amidst people.

Coming to YSR, his padyatra set a record. This padyatra gave a new life to Congress. It is significant that even those who did not like YSR came to power with the help of padyatra. A movie is getting ready on this padyatra. This movie based on the key events in YSR’s life is the topic of discussions and is creating a sensation. Malayalam superstar Mammootty is playing the role of YSR in this movie, whose teaser has just been released. This teaser of just 52 seconds is being widely shared. Mahi V Raghav of ‘Anando Brahma’ fame is the director of this movie.

Mahi is making the film on key event (padyatra) in the life of the great leader. Teaser begins with the statement given by YSR before beginning his padytra. Background dialogue runs like this ‘I have to learn..I have to hear..Going beyond Kadapa, I have to visit every village, have to stay with them..have to feel their heart beat. If you win it is called perseverance, if you lose it is called stupidity. History will decide if padyatra is my perseverance or my stupidity.” Wearing ‘pancha kattu’ like YSR, with same broad smile and waving just like him..overall Mammootty’s looks are impressive.

The background score by ‘K’ will give goose bumps. This film is being produced by Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy under the banner of 70 MM Entertainments. Currently its shooting is progressing briskly. Film unit is trying to bring ‘Yatra’ before the audience at the earliest. With the teaser getting all likes and shares, observers say that the movie’s release will definitely create more sensation. What will be the impact of YSR wave? We will know this after the movie’s release.

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