YSRCP exposes Naidu in Parliament

This is what happens when one tries to be oversmart. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu directed his party’s three MPs in Lok Sabha to create a furore and malign YSRCP government. Will YSRCP, which has 22 MPs, have kept quiet. In a tit for tat, they slammed TDP and Babu on the floor of the Parliament. Party leader Midhun Reddy gave a strong counter, revealing things which were not yet known to the world and the national media. He with the support of statistics showed how AP moved ahead during Chandrababu’s term.

When Midhun Reddy said that Chandrababu resorted to the biggest scam in the name of capital Amaravati, the three TDP MPs had to keep quiet. Stating that Rs.11,000 were spent for the development of one square feet, Midhun Reddy asked if this happened anywhere in the country, leaving the members stunned. He said that in Amaravati even white ration card holders own land worth crores of rupees and this shows how the scam took place. His revelation shocked the House. Midhun Reddy said that Chandrababu resorted to insider trading by revealing advance information to those close to him and purchased the land on a large scale. He said the CID investigation revealed that TDP leaders purchased 4000 acres of land. He also demanded Modi government to get this probed by the CBI to unravel the truth.

Midhun Reddy brought to the House’s notice the corruption resorted to by the previous TDP government in Polavaram project. He alleged that the then government called tenders for  amounts which were doubled than the estimate.  Thus it became ATM for the TDP leaders. He revealed that their government went for reverse tendering and they saved Rs.800 crore in just one project. He alleged that in every irrigation project, there was corruption of several crores. Midhun Reddy recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had stated that Polavaram became Chandrababu’s ATM. His speech embarrassed the three MPs of TDP. Midhun Reddy also spoke in the House about Chandrababu mark politics. He took the name of Modi in a strategic move. He recalled that Chandrababu vowed to send Modi home, visited every village and played politics by joining hands with Rahul Gandhi and Congress. He said that with no option following the defeat in the polls, Chandrababu dumped Congress and is now looking this side. This is how Chandrababu politics change colours. All in all though Chandrababu directed his MPs to create a ruckus in the Parliament, YSRCP not only gave a strong retort but exposed Chandrababu at the national level. Perhaps this is what is called tit for tat.

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