YSRCP juniors overestimating themselves

Whether it is ruling YSRCP or some other party, seniors and juniors keep mingling. However, it is a tradition that juniors will always lag a step behind. While respecting seniors, they move forward following their direction or at least approach them for their advise. If they can’t even do this, they don’t disagree with the seniors and keep quiet. This is the usual practice witnessed in politics. However, the situation in YSRCP is different and this has triggered a debate. There is utter chaos over seniors being ignored and that too in capital district Guntur.

The district has a total of 17 constituencies. Out of them Chilakaluripeta, Tadikonda, Ponnuru, Gurajala, Tenail and Pedakurapadu are represented by first time MLAs. Out of them MLAs from Ponnuru and Tenali constituencies are doing their work but in the remaining constituencies the winners are said to have formed groups and harassing seniors. There is also an allegation that they are being supported by some YSRCP MPs. As a result YSRCP politics in the district is said have turned senseless.

In Chilkaluripeta, Tadikonda, Gurajala and Pedakurapadu constituencies, the political alignment changed dramatically before the elections last year. Jagan ignored the then incharges to give a chance to newcomers. Seniors who worked hard for years to help the party grow were neglected to give chance to newcomers. Not just this. Jagan also helped them in their victory. However, with these new leaders acting with arrogance, the seniors in YSRCP are unable to cross the threshold.

These juniors are overestimating their victory in the constituencies. Their attitude gives an impression that the party won because of them. They also kept in the mind that they won because of Jagan’s backing. They forgot that they got a platform created by the seniors who built the party here. It is difficult to make predictions in the politics. If the party chief loses the halo, what will happen to these leaders? The juniors who have to carry all with them to cultivate personal image kept this issue aside to do politics in their unique style.

Especially, Chilkaluripeta MLA Vidadala Rajini completely set aside senior leader and former MLA Marri Rajasekhar. MP Lau Srikrishna Devarayulu is supporting Marri. In Gurajala, Kasu Mahesh Reddy is said to be ignoring MLC Janga Krishna Murthy. In Tadikonda, Undavalli Sridevi is neglecting senior YSRCP leaders. There is a talk that Bapatla MP Nandigam Suresh is ignoring the leaders who have been working hard for a long time to strengthen the party. There are also differences between him and Tadikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi. A similar situation prevails in Guntur West. Are they still juniors and will they continue the same kind of politics or will they change only after receiving the shock? Let us see.

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