YSRCP MPs are in a dilemma?

There was a time when MP’s position carried respect. As an elder of seven Assembly constituencies, he used to raise his voice on the problems in the highest platform Parliament. The MP used to have good knowledge of the subject. People’s leaders used to be the MPs. Today those who spend more money are becoming Lok Sabha members. If one is good at manipulation, he is being sent to the upper house and as a result they are more bothered about the power than their responsibilities.

In fact there are public representatives right from village ward level and hence MP will have no room. If they interfere in local politics, it will be seen as an attempt to show the supremacy. If a MP acts as the representative of a district and tries to get funds from the Centre and tries to bring central projects to the state, he will be best parliamentarian. However, in the changing situation, the number of MPs raising their voice in Parliament has come down while the number of those doing local politics has increased.

As far as the opposition MPs are concerned they don’t have much importance in Parliament in the current situation. If there is coalition politics, MPs will have their own importance. Every time their votes become valuable. YSRCP is a ruling party in AP and opposition party in Delhi. As a result the MPs have to fight there. In AP a total of 22 MPs of YSRCP were elected but they are in a dilemma on what to do. They don’t know whether to befriend the ruling party in Delhi or fight against it. They have to follow the guidelines of the party leadership. Not knowing what will happen if they say something, the MPs are keeping quiet. They say that Jagan has also imposed new restrictions on them. As a result it is said to have become difficult for them to directly meet the central leaders on any issue. It is said that because of this dissidence is slowly growing among MPs.

They are going to Delhi if there are meeting. After marking the attendance, they are coming back. They are spending rest of the time in AP. As a result the MPs are showing their power in the local politics. This is said to be troubling the MLAs. Jagan is ignoring this as he only thinks that more MPs were elected and our number has gone up. He, however, is not saying what are their responsibilities. Moreover, the MPs complain that he is not giving powers and opportunities to them to get some works done by the state government in their constituencies.

Thus, party MPs are facing problems from their own party MLAs. They are MP for namesake as they can’t get even sanction a house or give a ration card. This is the grouse of MPs. YSRCP MPs are saying that it will better if YSRCP MPs who are in opposition are allowed to get the works done in AP. The MPs said to have shared their problems with Vijay Sai Reddy and sought his help. When Vijay Sai reddy brought the issue to the notice of Jagan, he said if they are given a recognition and respect at the local level, they will be happy. Otherwise, the dissidence may grow and may reach a level which no one can predict.

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