YSRCP’s strategy to dilute capital issue

YSRCP believes that if Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is not stopped, he turns more aggressive. YSRCP leader Jagan is apparently of the view that if he keeps quiet, he will be considered inefficient. There were reports during the recent Assembly session that by making TDP MLAs defect to YSRCP, Jagan is planning to deprive Chandrababu of the post of leader of opposition. TDP MLA Vallabhneni Vamsi’s resignation a few days before Assembly session gave credence to the reports.

However, though Assembly session came to an end, not even one TDP MLA joined YSRCP. Moreover, Chandrababu became more aggressive in attacking YSRCP. He launched bitter attack on issues like sand and English medium. Now Chandrababu also appears to be serious over the proposal for three capitals. No other party leader took the kind of risk which Chandrababu took. The TDP chief is insisting that the capital remain in Amaravati. To rein in Chandrababu over the capital issue, YSRCP seems to have resumed its efforts to woo TDP MLAs.

In this context, Guntur West MLA Maddali Giri’s meeting with Chief Minister Jagan assumed significance. In the previous Assembly session, YSRCP had sent a message to TDP MLAs. Vallabhneni Vamsi was recognized as an independent MLA and he was allotted separate place. Thus even without joining YSRCP, Jagan provided him an opportunity to continue in the party as an unofficial member. That’s why TDP MLAs are looking towards YSRCP and seem to be rushing to CM camp office in Tadepalli.

In fact, YSRCP has another benefit in bringing Maddali Giri to CM camp office. At a time when protests are going in Guntur and Krishna district over shifting of capital, YSRCP by inducting a MLA from the same district is trying to give an indication that the party leaders have no trust in Chandrababu. YSRCP sources say some other key TDP leaders from Guntur district are also likely to join YSRCP in the next two days. TDP MLAs are being brought to camp office to dilute the capital shifting issue and to put Chandrababu on defence.

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