‘2.0’ triggering tremors

Shankar’s ‘2.0’ is a movie the whole world is eagerly waiting for. The launch of its trailer was held with much fanfare in Chennai. Besides 2.0 team unit, journalists of various regional languages and guests attended the event organised by the makers on a grand scale. Made under the banner of Lyca Productions, the film stars Rajinikanth as hero, Amy Jackson as heroine and Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar as villain. Produced with a huge budget, the film has high expectations. Not just the fans of super star but the entire country is waiting for the movie ‘2.0’. Audience are curious to see how Shankar has directed the movie. ‘2.0’ team, which created sensation with teaser and making videos, is now ready to set new records. The trailer release function was attended by Shankar, super star Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar, music director A. R. Rahman and Lyca owners.

Cell phone  is villain

‘2.0’ trailer is full of visual effects. The getups of Rajinikanth as Chitti, Amy Jackson as robot girl and Akshay Kumar as villain in the form of a bird are amazing.  Throughout the trailer, the investment made by Lyca Productions is visible.  Shankar, who has made this film at par with Hollywood movies, is earning all the praise for his work. In the film ‘Robot’ when Chitti displays extra intelligence, it becomes a threat to humanity and hence it is destroyed. However, now in ‘2.0’ Chitti in reloaded 2.0 version takes on villain Akshay Kumar, who is in the form of a bird. In ‘2.0’ Shankar has shown cell phone as the villain. That’s why villain Akshay feels that if he takes control of all cell phones, entire humanity will come under his control because without cell phones human beings will be in utter chaos.

Rajini, Akshay throughout trailer

Akshay Kumar is impressive in the role of a dreaded bird who strikes fear not only among human beings but also in Chetti 2.0. Chetti 2.0 robot Rajinikanth struggles to protect the people. It’s all magical web and by creating this Shankar has floored all. Why Shankar waited so long for 2.0 visual effects is known after watching this trailer. Heroine Amy Jackson has been shown as the assistant of Rajinikanth who makes robots. In one scene Chitti could not stop itself from saying wow on seeing the beauty of Amy Jackson. The entire trailer is about the fight between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.  Be it background score or cinematography, one can’t remain without praising it. If one loses himself with trailer, imagine what will happen when he watched the film on November 29.

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