Mallesham movie review

Mallesham movie review

Mallesham movie review

Banner: Shri Adhikari Brothers

Actors: Priyadarshi, Ananya Nagalla, Chakrapani Ananda, Jagdish Pratap, Jhansi others

Music director: Mark K. Robin

Cinematography: Balu Shandilya

Producer: Venkat Sidda Reddy

Director: Raj Rachakonda

With dialogue ‘Na Savu Nenu Sastha’ in ‘Pelli Choopulu’ Priyadarshi became famous and as a buffoon who comes to marry Raashi Khanna in NTR’s ‘Jai Luv Kush’ he made audience laugh. Following this he got good offers in movies of almost all star heroes. Playing friends of heroes, Priyadarshi entertained the audience with his comedy. With popularity, he also got good offers in advertisements. At a time when comedians turned heroes to show heroism, Priyadarshi also became a hero to act in a biopic. Director Raj Rachakonda made a film on the story of Padma Shri awardee Chintakindi Mallesham who invented a machine Asu to make life easier for weavers. When biopics are made on popular personalities, audience will already have some information about them but they come to know of the stories of people like Chintakindi Mallesham only through biopics. When ‘Mallesham’ trailer was launched, we saw how Priyadarshi excelled in the role of Mallesham. The full story has come before the audience with the release of ‘Mallesham’ on Friday.


Weavers earn their livelihood from their profession. Many families don’t get expected results from their hard work and  fall into debt trap. Many weavers commit suicide. Chintakindi Mallesham (Priyadarshi) comes from a lower middle class family. His parents earn livelihood from weaving. Despite the hard work it is hand to mouth existence for them. They live the life with whatever little they get. Mallesham discontinues his education in sixth class due to financial problems in the family. He is moved by watching his mother (Jhansi) weaving a cloth. He thinks of inventing a machine to help her mother in her work. By taking loans, he buys required material. However, despite repeated efforts he fails to achieve desired results. In these efforts he has to face many insults and finally leads to fight even with the woman he loved and married. Does Mallesham succeed in his goal after taking so many loans? Will Mallesham achieve his goal? Why Mallesham thinks of committing suicide? How those who hurt Mallesham with their words, compliments him? This is what the remaining story is all about.

Actors and acting:

Priyadarshi, who always makes audience laugh with his comedy, played a serious role as Mahesh’s friend in ‘Spyder’. Priyadarshi’s acting as Mallesham is amazing. Priyadarshi, who entertains audience with comedy, showed his deep and inner talent. Not just the beauty but even the acting of heroine Ananya looks natural. The reciprocity between Priyadarshi and Ananya as husband and wife has been well projected. Well known anchor Jhansi got a good offer after a long time. Two actors who played Mallesham’s friends have done well depite their limitations.

There are many instances when biopics failed as makers tried to impress the audience by adding commercial elements. Recent biopic on NTR, Kathanaikudu and Mahanayakudu are the best examples. However, in ‘Mallesham’ director Raj kept the movie away from commercial elements and depicted it as closer to reality. Since to a larger extent the movie was filmed in real locations, it yielded good results. Mallesham’s boyhood, youth, marriage all these pass as a fun. When Mallesham starts thinking about inventing a machine, seriousness begins in the story. Telangana’s culture, traditions, language and accent all were portrayed beautifully. Without too much make-up, mad dances and mindless comedy, the director succeeded in involving audience in ‘Mallesham’ story with simplicity. The second half is all about Mallesham’s struggle to invent the machine. Every time he makes an effort and fails, he resumes his work with new determination. This goes on till the climax. The audience will know before watching ‘Mallesham’ that he succeeds in developing the machine. Still, the director has done magic by taking a simple and ordinary story and making a screen play. Ons finds small loopholes like slow narration. Finally it has been a great effort by producer and director to narrate an inspiring story. They have to be congratulated.

Mark K. Robin’s music elevated the film’s status. Balu Shandilya’s camera entertained the audience with a village tour. It depicted the beauty of Telangana villages. There are minor loopholes in editing. If the movie’s duration was cut, it would have been a plus for ‘Mallesham’ in terms of editing.

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