‘Pandem Kodi 2’ small review

‘Pandem Kodi’ is the movie which made Tamil hero Vishal a mass hero. Lingusamy directed this movie. Then, this movie in Tamil and Telugu created a sensation. Now the sequel of this movie ‘Pandem Kodi 2’ has been released as a Dussehra gift for the audience. This film has Vishal as hero, Keerty Suresh as heroine and Varalakshmi as the villain. Let us see how far this film has impressed the audience.

In Rayalaseema backdrop

In Tollywood several movies in Rayalaseema backdrop have been made. Of them only few have succeed. Several films failed. ‘Pandem Kodi 2’ has also come in the same backdrop. During a jatra in Seema, a minor brawl at an eatery snowballs into a big confrontation between two villages. The remaining film shows how far this fight goes and how many are killed in this fight.

Entire first half

The entire first half has pranks played by Keerty Suresh and with love scenes between Vishal and Keerty and other scenes, the first half moves smoothly. The second half is full of revenge drama. However, in the entire second half it looks like the story has gone completely off the track. As the film has no mass elements expected from Vishal, the audience felt bored. Why Lingusamy failed to properly treat the second half? Senior actor Raj Kiran has impressed in the role of Vishal’s father. In the climax, the scenes between Varalaksmi and Vishal look somewhat good.

Below average

Vishal’s acting is very good. No need to mention about Varalakshmi’s acting. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music looks impressive. Shaktivel’s cinematography is very good. The acting of all the actors in this movie looks okay. Finally it can be said that director Lingusamy totally failed in dealing with this movie. In Tamil this film is being liked but in Telugu it is difficult to run. Overall, this movie is below average.

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