‘2.0’ surpasses ‘Baahubali’

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Film lovers across India are gripped by Robot 2.0 movie fever. There are huge expectations from this film which is set to be released worldwide today. For last two months there have been various kinds of stories in the social media comparing Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ with ‘2.0’. Rajinikanth’s fans are saying that it will be bigger hit than ‘Baahubali’ while some others are saying that ‘2.0’ can be considered a hit only if it earns one rupee more than ‘Baahubali’. According to them if ‘2.0’ crosses the collections of ‘Baahubali’ it will not be an average or super hit but a mega hit.

Being released in more theatres

While it is not known if ‘2.0’ will cross ‘Baahubali’ collections or not but it has already crossed ‘Baahubali’ on at least one score. ‘Baahubali’ or for that matter no other film had crossed this but ‘2.0’ has crossed it. ‘Baahubali’ was released simultaneously on over 7,000 screens worldwide. Now this record is bening eclipsed by ‘2.0’. This movie is going to set the record as the first Indian movie to be released on maximum screens. Though there is still few hours for the release of ‘2.0’ the film has already booked 10,500 screens worldwide. It is expected that the number of theatres could go up by another 300 by the time the film is released.

Sure to have huge opening

People are waiting to for the magic of superstar Rajninkanth and Shankar. It looks that ‘2.0’ producers have planned to release the film in maximum theatres so that through huge openings on the first day they can recover half of their investment. Rajni fans are confident that ‘2.0’ which created record of being released in maximum theatres will also break the record of ‘Baahubali’ collections. Let us see if ‘2.0’ will crush ‘Baahubali’ or it will get crushed by ‘Baahubali’.

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