A blow here but a lift there

Nagarjuna, with his over confidence brought a director who had only one hit to his credit and announced that he will make a sequel to ‘Manmadhudu’. Before the release of the movie he said it is not sequel but ‘Manmadhudu 2’. He thus put the audience in confusion. Even after the release of the film, he beat his own drums by claiming that it is a hit film and organised a success meet. ‘Manmadhudu 2’ had average response on Friday first show and it was hoped that since there are three successive holidays it will have good collections. However, three-day holiday also could not rescue ‘Manmadhudu 2’. Average response has dealt a blow to ‘Manmadhudu 2’ and that’s why the collections were dull during three-day holidays. Worldwide ‘Manmadhudu 2’ earned only Rs.8.86 crore in first four days. This figure in no way matches with the craze Nagarjuna enjoys.

‘Manmadhudu 2’ collections further dropped on Tuesday. Since it was a working day, there were not many audience in theatres screening ‘Manmadhudu 2’. Nagarjuna had a disaster with ‘Officer’ and his ‘Devadas’ looked okay. He had strong confidence in ‘Manmadhudu 2’ and hence invested money to act as the hero but this movie too shocked him. Unsettled by this series of flops, Nagarjuna is impressing as the host of Big Boss season 3. Because of the anchoring being done by Nag as the host of Big Boss, the number of the fans of this show has gone up. When the show started Big Boss had no craze. Now even after 23 days it is attracting the attention of television lovers. The fans say this was possible only due to Nagarjuna as the host.

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