All movies disappoint cine goers

Last Friday, three movies were released for Tollywood viewers. One of them is a straight movie while two others are dubbing films. The straight movie made in Telugu is ‘Falaknuma Das’. Besides this, Tamil movie ‘NGK’ starring Suriya as the hero and ‘Abhinetri’ feating Prabhu Deva, Tammannah and Nandita Swetha were also released. ‘Falaknuma Das’ with Vishwak Sen as hero and director was made to target youth. However, this movie which has nothing but devils and with long duration and no life in the story, ‘Falaknuma Das’ received the flop talk.

Even ‘NGK’ released amid good expectations also got the flop talk. ‘NGK’ with Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet as heroines could not live up to viewers’ expectations. Director Selva Raghavan failed to attract the viewers by using Suriya’s acting. While first half looks okay, the second half is boring for them. Among heroines, one fails to understand why there is Sai Pallavi character. Though acting is good, the director failed to properly utilize her character. Rakul is okay. ‘NGK” did not even get minimum average talk.

Finally ‘Abhinetri 2’. In the past ‘Abhinetri’ movie made with Prabhu Deva and Tamannah as the lead pair was okay but in a daring acti Prabhu Deva made ‘Abhinetri’ sequel ‘Abhinetri 2’. ‘Abhinetri’ which entered the fray with no promotion got zero marks. There is no flow in the story and screenplay written by director A L Vijay. By keeping unnecessary comedy scenes, it poured cold water on whatever little interest the viewers had in this movie. Keeping aside the interesting elements, he diverted the story with comedy and horror scenes. Overall, the movie moves slowly and bores the viewers. Director A L Vijay has also not written hero’s character properly. All three movies released this week are not to the liking of viewers and have bored them.

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