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Singer Chinmayi has leveled sensational allegation against well-known film writer Vairamuthu of Kollywood. It is known to all that under the campaign #MeToo, women from different fields are speaking out about the sexual harassment they faced at the hands of famous personalities. Three days ago Chinmayi said that she suffered sexual harassment when she was just eight years old. Now she has made allegations against Vairamuthu on Twitter.

“Year 2005/2006 maybe… Veezhamattom, an album for Sri Lankan Tamizhs that I had sung in, as had Manikka Vinayagam sir… We went to Switzerland… We sang… We performed… Everyone left. Only my mother and I were asked to stay back. The organizer (I don’t remember his name) asked me to visit Vairamuthu sir in a hotel in Lucerne. I asked why. He told me to cooperate. I refused. We demanded to be sent back to India. He said ‘You won’t have a career!’ My mother and I both put our foot down… demanded an earlier flight to India and came back,” this is how Chinmayi shared her story on social media. She alleged that Vairamuthu made another such attempt.

One of the eminent Tamil film writers, Vairamuthu has good reputation in film industry and politics. He is also a recipient of national award. Besides Chinmayi, another girl has also made allegations against Vairamuthu. Actor Sidharth has supported her. Siddharth said since two women have made allegations against one person, they should be heard. He also said that Chinmayi who is in a good position will not make false allegations. There are allegations Vairamuthu set up a ladies hostel in Chennai and misbehaved with girls of her daughters’ age.

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