Why Bunny did not attend elder brother’s marriage?

Allu Bobby

The marriage of Allu Arjun’s elder brother and Allu Aravind’s elder son Allu Bobby was solemnized few days ago in a simple manner. The marriage was conducted without any fanfare. Allu Aravind has three sons. Of them Allu Venkatesh is the eldest. Allu Arjun is the second son. Allu Venkatesh alias Bobby helps his father in film production through off-screen presence and hence not many people know him.

In the past Allu Bobby married a woman named Neelima but in 2016 he took divorce.

His recent marriage was his second. Allu Venkatesh has now married his friend Neela Shah, who is from Mumbai. The photos of this marriage have come out. However, as Allu Arjun was not seen, it became a topic of discussion. There is a reason for this. Bunny is currently doing a movie under the direction of Trivikram. This movie has to be released on Sankranti under any circumstances and hence Bunny is said to be shooting for it without a break. That’s why Bunny could not attend his elder brother’s marriage. However, he later said to have met the newly-wed couple and congratulated them. Is Bunny so busy that he can’t spare an hour to attend the marriage?

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