Another blow to Kalyani

Kalyani Priyadarshan entered Tollywood with solo heroine opposite Akhil in ‘Helo’ but that film was a flop. Despite having cute looks, Kalyani maintains herself traditionally. She is not a glamour girl. She is ready to show her beauty but her glamour looks are not that good. It is said that Kalyani has to become hit as a traditional girl as she will not be successful in terms of glamour. Kalyani was decent in ‘Hello’ but she neither gained nor lost anything from this film. After that movie she has now acted as the main heroine oppose Sai Tej in ‘Chitralahari’.

While she is okay in terms of looks, her role in terms of character in ‘Chitralahari’ is not remarkable.  Lahari’s role is comparatively fine but director Kishore Tirumala has not elevated heroine’s track anywhere. Another heroine Nivetha Pethuraj’s role is also not very important. The unit has failed to take appropriate heroines in the team. This is the biggest weak point for the film. Kalyani and Niveta looks are fresh but there is nothing new in characters. Thus in this movie Kalyani has not got much focus as the heroine.

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