Are you listening Aravinda stories?

A flurry of activity around NTR’s ‘Aravinda Sametha’ has begun at theatres. In next few hours, ‘Aravinda Sametha’ will hit screens overseas. Here for Telugu audiences this movie’s screening will begin with 5 am show on Thursday. ‘Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava’ which is racing ahead with stormy publicity has also received censor certification. As per feedback received from censor board, stories about the story of ‘Aravinda Sametha’ are doing rounds in social media. All are busy spreading stories about the film according to the information received by them.

Several speculations are doing the rounds about ‘Aravinda Sametha’. It is said that NTR will be seen as bodyguard in this movie, that too body guard of Aravinda (heroine Pooja Hegde). It is said that the film has initial scenes in which NTR saves Pooja from danger and she takes him along with her to Rayalaseema. Impressed with NTR’s bravery, the family of the heroine requests him to work as bodyguard for them. On the other hand a story is also doing round in social media about Sunil’s character.

NTR and Trivikram together are giving interviews to every channel with patience, thus increasing expectations from the film. Now censor talk has further raised the expectations from the movie. There are reports that from this film made under the banner of Haarika & Hassine, the producers are expecting Rs.40 crore. Going by this expected profit from the movie, one can understand the expectations from it.

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