Balayya confirms directing few scenes

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NTR Kathanaikudu will be released in tomorrow. Both the Telugu states are waiting for this movie. Balayya has acted as NTR in this film which is being released with huge expectations. However, for last few days there have been reports that Balayya directed this film. During a recent team interview, Balayya gave a clarification on this.


ntr biopic telugu post telugu movie news

During this interview accompanied by Sumanth, Krish and Rana, Balayya confirmed that he directed few scenes in NTR biopic. He said that Krish was not aware of some of the events during his father’s lifetime and hence he directed two three scenes related to some of these events.


ntr biopic telugu post telugu news

When Balayya was saying this Krish nodded in affirmative. Sumanth and Rana, who were sitting by his side, also confirmed this. Sumanth, who has donned the role of Akkineni Nageswara Rao, said he acted as per the advise of Balayya. Rana also said that Balayya’s advise was very helpful.

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