Blow to this beauty’s popularity


Before ‘Mahanati’, Keerthy Suresh had a huge disaster with ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ and after ‘Mahanati’ she continues to have disasters. ‘Saamy Square’ with Vikram was a disaster while ‘Pandhem Kodi 2’ with Vishal was average. Keerthy Suresh had insignificant role in ‘Saamy Square’. In ‘Pandem Kodi’ too she did not get any mark.  Keerthy Suresh had hopes from Murugadoss ‘Sarkar’ but this film drowned her. ‘Sarkar’ made as the third movie in the combination of Vijay and Murugadoss was released worldwide on Tuesday. In Telugu this movie was released without any promotion and in the very first show it proved to be a flop. Talk spread that with Vijay’s over action the movie is drowned in Tamil nativity.

Though Keerthy Suresh acted as heroine in this movie, her role has no significance. As sister-in-law of Vijay and daughter of a MLA, she does not have much screen time but within the limitations of her role it looks okay. However, Keerthy, who won hearts with a movie like ‘Mahanati’ should be serious about her roles. She should ask herself if doing these insignificant roles will help her. After the setback with the result of the latest film, Keerthy Suresh’s popularity will definitely take a beating. Keerthy Suresh, who is not getting offers in Tollywood, may also face a similar situation in Kollywood.

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