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What will Boyapati make if he has to come out with something new? He changes regular stories here and there to make a film. Boyapati with the help of family emotions highlights the hero and projects the villain in a very bad light. However, he has given a disaster with ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ to Ram Charan who was sitting pretty with the huge success of ‘Rangasthalam’. Boyapati has come out with such a shock that nobody in Mega family will be able to recover from. It is the same Chinta Chiguru pacchadi. As Boyapati had told Cherry that he will give him a commercial hit like ‘Sarianodu’ which he gave to Allu Arjun, Ram Charan agreed to work with him. However, the result is different.

Not to the liking of fans

Though Ram Charan was shown in a new role, the film turned out to be a disaster due to lack of grip over the story. Boyapati, in an attempt to elevate heroism, kept on adding to the stamina of the villain till the end. There is talk that there is too much bloodshed in the film. Ordinary audiences say fights and comedy scenes without logic are frustrating for the people. Satires in reviews have further rubbished the movie. It looks barring B and C centres, the film will not run anywhere. One can understand how disastrous is the movie from the fact that some fans too did not like it.

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